A Praying People - Mozambique

Wednesday 10 Nov

Kath and Cam share a powerful story of prayer for Just Prayer.

Just Prayer Story - Cam and Kath, Mozambique from Global Interaction on Vimeo.

"For almost two years, Cam has been visiting with a family who are new followers of Jesus. He rides out to their village or farm and they spend time reading God’s word, sharing stories and praying together. 

One day, his friends shared about some difficulties they were experiencing with their daughter Natalia who was unwell. They believed that she was being tormented by evil spirits and despite trying lots of different treatments, she wasn’t getting any better. It’s a reasonably common occurrence here where people’s belief in and interaction with the spirit world is very active. Cam told them that we would be praying for her and we’d ask others to pray too. 

A few months later, we both went out to visit. We were chatting with Mama and asking how her daughter was. She explained that she had returned from the hospital but spent most of her days wandering in the bush and wasn’t any better. She asked if we wanted to see her - someone tried to go and coax her in from the bush but she didn’t want to sit and greet us. She was covered from head to toe in sores and looked very thin. 

We returned to the hut and chatted more. There were a number of people gathered in the hut we were in and we shared with them the story of Jesus healing the demon possessed man. We talked about the power of prayer and suggested that together, we could pray for Natalia.

Mama loved the idea and took off straight away to get her. Mama found her and gently brought her in to the hut where she sat on the stool briefly. As they entered, we were praying for the peace of the Holy Spirit to be present. Kath placed her hand on her shoulder and prayed that God would heal her and give her peace. 

We went home that day and shared with our teammates and our partners in Australia about what had happened and asked them to join us in prayer. 

Cam came home recently and showed me a photo of Natalia and she was barely recognisable, in a great way. She is doing so much better - she’s put on weight, her skin has healed, she’s back to normal and has recently married. Her family are giving thanks to God and this story has been a wonderful testimony for their neighbours. 

It’s a real privilege to be continuing on this journey with them. Thank you so much for your prayers - we can’t be here without them!"


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