Enthusiasm for God's Word - Mozambique

Wednesday 19 Jan

Yawo men excited to explore God's Word.

"One afternoon in a distant village, some Yawo men gathered to read God’s Word. After some time, one of the men excused himself, saying he needed to prepare for prayers at the mosque. Two others followed him, leaving the rest of us to continue in discussions. Later, the men who had left returned, bringing with them others who had been praying and wanted to hear what we were saying.

These new men were very excited to see texts in their language (Ciyawo), and asked if they could join us. We don’t know if their enthusiasm will fade or opposition increase, but will keep going and trust that God has a plan.

Pray with us for these men.

Sitting down with another Yawo friend after we'd been away for some time off, we were surprised to see him pull out written notes alongside the Bible we’d been reading. In our absence he’d continued to read! Taking notes of things he found interesting or didn’t understand. His enthusiasm to go through his notes together and discuss different things he was learning was a great encouragement."
- Bek and Scott, Intercultural Workers in Mozambique
Pray for rich relationships between the team and their local friends and for God’s protection over the group of Yawo believers and seekers. Pray for this group to experience peace, freedom and joy through meeting Jesus.
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