God's Stories Get Out - Mozambique

Wednesday 16 Feb

Sally shares a Bible story with a Yawo friend... who shares it with her family.

"One of Baptist Mission Australia's values is continued engagement in learning the heart language of our friends, and the culture around us, so that we can share God’s truth in ways that are contextual and understandable. I continue to meet with a Muslim Yawo nurturer, Mama L, who helps me with this.

We’ve been going through a particular devotion that emphasises how various stories in the Bible lead to Jesus. We’d recently talked about the story of Adam and Eve. Mama L came to me today and told me this story: She was at her mother’s farm with her sons, their wives, her cousins and their husbands, when they spotted a large snake. As it was being killed Mama L remembered the story of Adam and Eve and asked everyone to sit down for a moment (10 adults and many kids). She shared the story, finishing with how Jesus came to save us from our sins.

Mama L said her family was struck by how every person in the world must be connected through these first people. She said they asked for more stories, and Mama L has invited me to sit with her this afternoon as she shares what she is learning in God’s word with her family.

It is so exciting to see Mama L impacted by God’s word and wanting to share these stories with her family. Please pray with me that she might continue to be impacted and choose the path of Ce Isa (Jesus)."
- Sally, Intercultural Worker in Mozambique

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