Tuesday 01 Jul

Ian begins studying the Bible with the village chief.

Global Interaction’s Intercultural Worker Ian is a friend of Sol*, the young chief in the village where they live in Malawi. Ian started visiting him when he was first named chief and as they began to get to know each other Sol invited Ian to attend his installation ceremony to become chief. As their friendship grew, Ian learnt that Sol had spent the first few years of his life in the orphanage where Wendy, Ian’s wife, now helps out and where their two sons Simeon and Ben first lived.

Several months ago Ian asked Sol if he was interested in knowing more about God. He was, and they now meet regularly for Bible Study. Please pray for Ian and Sol that God would continue to draw Sol to Himself, that he would respond more to God's call and that his following of Jesus will bring blessing to him and his village. « Back to News