New Group - Mozambique

Wednesday 10 Jan

A small Bible storytelling group begins meeting.

The team serving among the Yawo has a felt a growing conviction that they are entering a season of reaping. When they met together at the start of 2017, many spoke of seeing the years ahead as a time of harvest.

Ben and Sam have been sowing into their friendships and the Yawo community they live in since 2013. Excitingly, in the past few months, Ben has begun meeting with a group of four Yawo men to talk about Bible stories, pray together and encourage each other. Each one of these Yawo men are at different stages of faith. Three are followers of Jesus and have had some discipleship from team members, but until now, have been without a Yawo community of faith to journey with. One man is yet to choose to follow Jesus, though is extremely eager and enthusiastic to be a part of the group.

Praise God that this fledgling faith community is meeting and growing together. Pray that each member would be drawing closer to God and for Ben as he facilitates the group.

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