New Perspectives - Central Asia

Wednesday 30 Mar

Pete explores the good news with an H friend.

"It was a privilege for our family to spend the day with Pete’s language nurturer Mike and his family a little while ago. In the weeks following, Pete has had the opportunity to work through Luke’s account of Jesus' birth with Mike. Pete was able to explain the meaning and significance of the phrase, “for unto you is born… a Saviour” and why this is such good news.

Mike’s initial assumption was that Jesus saves people by showing them how to please God. Pete was able to explain that because of our wrong doing, none of us are able to earn our way to heaven. But Jesus has made a way by dying in our place, taking the punishment for our wrongdoing upon Himself and then rising again. Mike understood that there is a clear difference in these two perspectives.

As Pete continues to share stories from the Bible, please pray for wisdom and discernment for Pete.

Ask also that Mike’s heart would soften so that he would have a life changing encounter with Jesus." - Pete and Nomes, Intercultural workers in Central Asia
Ministry Update Video
Nomes and Pete have created an excellent update video for May Mission Month.
Contact us to access the password to watch their video.  

Stepping Out - Pete and Nomes, Central Asia

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