Thursday 01 May

Dave and Edwina have a significant conversation with their neighbour.

Dave and Edwina are good friends with their neighbours, a retired, devout Muslim couple. At Christmas Dave and Edwina invited their friends and neighbours for an informal lunch. The gentleman arrived before anyone else and so Dave and Edwina had an opportunity to talk with him at length.

The man shared that he’d been learning about the Islamic teachings on environmental awareness, focusing on caring for the environment, for animals and even insects. He then stated that he and other Muslims should care for one another in the way Nabi Isa (Jesus the prophet) had taught.

Pray with Dave and Edwina for further opportunities for discussion with this man about Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to be working in the hearts of anyone open to His guidance. Pray that the team in South East Asia would be ready and available to share the truth of Jesus. « Back to News