Nurturing Seeds - Silk Road Area

Tuesday 02 Jan

It takes time for faith to grow.

It can take a long time for someone to choose to follow Jesus, especially in least-reached communities where cultural and political barriers work against the understanding and acceptance of the Good News. 

In the Silk Road Area, there is a K woman, Ka, who has been connected with our intercultural team for many years. While over the years team members have developed good friendships with her and shared the Gospel, it has only been recently that she has been initiating deeper conversations. Team member Petra has had good discussions with Ka about Jesus and the need for Him to die and rise again. 

Thank God for the faithful intercultural workers who have gone before and planted the seeds that are now slowly growing within Ka. Pray that she will continue to grow closer to God and be increasingly open to conversations about Jesus. Pray also that God would be giving Petra the words to say so she can share the Good News with Ka in a way that makes sense to her.  

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