Ordinary/Extraordinary Life - Cambodia

Wednesday 27 Mar

Look again... ordinary life moments are actually extraordinary. 

Catherine shares about a recent experience of being invited in to a space where life (the ordinary, wonderful and messy) can be shared.

“A few weeks ago, I went fishing with SreyMom and her family. We rode motos nearly an hour out of the city, eventually stopping along a dirt road that had a stream running alongside of it. After much discussion, it was decided that this was indeed the best spot for us to find both the small fish that are used in the making of fermented fish paste, brohok, as well as larger fish that could be cleaned and salted for eating later.

Our fishing involved creating a dam in the stream, scooping out as much of the water as possible, and then digging through the mud to catch the fish and then sorting them into various buckets according to what they would be used for. It was the sort of day that was hot, physically demanding, pretty messy (and smelly!), yet also incredibly funny and life-giving as people worked to catch fish out of the mud, children weaved in and out, and we simply shared conversations together.

In the late afternoon we sat down on a mat on the road and ate rice together, along with some freshly caught fish grilled over hot coals. Our plates were lotus leaves picked from the roadside; our cutlery was our hands. It was a simple meal that tasted for very sweet and filling. Like being invited in to share with SreyMom and her family during their house building last year, this was another day of being invited in to a space where life can be shared whether you are covered in mud and smelling for of fish or not.” « Back to News