Friday 01 Jul

A man is healed in a Yawo village

Intercultural Worker Tim was woken at midnight by Yawo people from a nearby village asking him to pray for the elder’s son who was suffering from a serious non-medical condition.

At 1am Tim, joined by a Yawo believer, headed into the African Bush. Many villagers were waiting to see what would play out. They were escorted into the main hut where they saw a man making weird sounds and movements due to demonic influence.

The Yawo believer and Tim prayed, asking God to show His love and mercy and heal him. Then they claimed the power of Issa (Jesus) over the situation and ordered anything of the evil one to leave. In an instant his whole demeanour changed, he let out a massive exhale and became totally calm.

At 6am, Tim met with the village councillors, the Chief, the local Sheh (Islamic Leader) as well as many onlookers to explain what had happened. Through the village spokesman they explained that there is power in Jesus’ name working through Tim and his friend, but surprisingly added, "Jesus heals people and casts out demons for free... our witch doctor always charges!’

Please pray for Tim as he continues to lead a weekly Bible study in this village which the Witch Doctor attends. Pray that the Gospel penetrates to the core beliefs of the villagers and not simply an addition to their spiritual understanding.

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