Part of God's Work - South East Asia

Wednesday 28 Nov

Joining hands with workers, past and present, Daz and Bee know they are part of God's work.

Daz and Bee joined the team in South East Asia this year. As their relationships deepen and they hear stories, it is becoming clear to them that it is harvest time! For many years, faithful people have been working the soil while God’s Spirit has been working on hearts and the openness of people has taken Daz and Bee by surprise. Just this week, they heard the amazing story from friends. Their friends had the opportunity to pray in Jesus' name for a local community leader who had a bad fever. When they saw him next,  he let them know that his fever left him very soon after they prayed. Now he wants to know more about Jesus and how he can become a follower too! Daz and Bee are so excited to see how God is touching the lives of people. We praise God that our team is also seeing fruit. Daz and Bee have had the joy of meeting local believers who have met Jesus through their connections with the our team.

‘I sent you to harvest where you did not plant; others had already done the work, and now you get to gather the harvest.’ John 4:38

Daz and Bee are very conscious that there are many people who have gone before them, sowing seeds and nurturing them. God has placed them in South East Asia as His workers now, and they are excited to join hands with those who have gone before and be a part of God’s work. It is not their harvest it is His. « Back to News