Powerful Dreams - South East Asia

Tuesday 01 Mar

Mrs R had three dreams in which Jesus appeared to her.

It’s Friday afternoon at the Education Foundation office and Dave is leading a study comparing God's kingdom with that of Satan. Mrs R starts describing a dream from the previous evening. In the dream Satan was attacking her family and members of her community. Mrs R felt helpless, but began to pray for help and protection in the name of Jesus. Satan then attacked her, and she again prayed in the name of Jesus, and He protected her.

Mrs R is from a Muslim community in South East Asia. Over the past few months she has begun studying stories from the Bible, and she has had three dreams in which Jesus has appeared to her. Recently she placed her faith in Jesus, but she has been fearful because several members of her community are quite antagonistic towards followers of Jesus. One day in a meeting Mrs R took a bold step to declare in front of others, who are yet to believe, that she was praying in the name of Jesus.

Most people in the region are very fearful of the demonic and have had frightening experiences. Dave has shared how there is power in Jesus to overcome demonic attacks. Mrs R's testimony gave clear evidence of this.  « Back to News