Praising God - Lebanon

Wednesday 18 Aug

Milard shares of God's faithfulness.

Milard and Joyce have been serving in Lebanon for the past 19 years. They are currently in Australia, looking to return to Lebanon as soon as they are able to and are remaining very connected with the church they lead. Here, Milard shares an update and reflects on God’s faithfulness. 

“We are thankful to the Lord for His great faithfulness to our church in Lebanon in the midst of extremely difficult times. Recently we came out of COVID after nine months of lockdown. During that time we have had about 50 people leave our church to go overseas to find a better future. We also farewelled our associate pastor and his family two months ago as they have gone to the States for good. 

This meant stepping in and doing a lot more work to get every ministry area back up and running. So, I have been flat out praying, seeking, asking and meeting with so many people on Zoom in order to identify and appoint new leaders. 

Praise God that even though we lost our three worship leaders the Lord has given us two new ones who are doing a great job. Praise God that even though we lost two of our young adult leaders the Lord has provided two new ones. Praise God that even though we lost two of our youth leaders the Lord had provided three new ones. 

Praise God that even though we lost our main kids church coordinator the Lord has provided a new one and all the teachers required. Praise God that even though we lost our associate pastor and I, the senior pastor, is stuck in Australia, the Lord has brought two new preachers to help us. 

This might seem simple but after all that Lebanon has gone through and what our church has experienced, this is a huge miracle. To remain standing on our feet as a church is a miracle let alone to have all these people stepping up and new people still coming to our church. It is an awesome work of our Lord. May His name be praised forever more.”

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