Regular Catch Ups - Mozambique

Wednesday 07 Mar

A group of Yawo women include Sally in their gatherings. 

Through being involved in a local soccer team and other community activities, Sally is developing good friendships with Yawo women. A local friend has organised for the group of friends, ten or so women, to meet together each month to share in the struggles and joys of life. Sally feels honoured to be included in this regular gathering and the women recently had their first official catch up. Everyone brought food and they chatted over the shared meal.

One woman shared how she has been unwell with malaria, another spoke about losing her newborn son while another shared her joy over her new child. Each was facing different experiences, but Sally felt a real sense of togetherness as they opened up about the ups and downs of life. 

As Sally engages with these women, she is praying that she will have the boldness, wisdom and words to share God’s love with them. Pray with her that these women will come to know Jesus’ presence in their life, through the struggles and the joys. 

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