Reset and Renew

Wednesday 13 May

Scott Pilgrim shares about the value of this time to 're-set'. 

In the past few weeks I have shared in a number of meetings and conversations where someone has used the word 're-set'. It’s a word for the season we find ourselves in. It has become part of our COVID-19 vocabulary.

But far more than a buzz word, I think the 're-set' metaphor is a very timely one for us at Global Interaction. It’s a very helpful way of thinking and a healthy leadership posture. As a strategic lens, it’s a 'for such a time as this' opportunity as we consider what is 'the new normal' God is leading us into. So often in the Gospels we see Jesus press 're-set' as he models the counter-cultural way of the Kingdom.

I’ve found the metaphor helpful in my personal and family life as I seek to reflect on what is God saying to me in this season, where is God at work in my life and world, where is God inviting me to change and embrace new opportunities? What may I need to leave behind?

The COVID-19 pandemic has coincided with a new season of leadership at Global Interaction and our plans to accelerate strategic planning for the future.

I am thankful for the many people across our organisation who have already done so much good work on our strategic directions as we move towards landing a formal 2021-2025 Strategic Plan later this year.

Our Leadership Team is seeking to build on this strong platform, but we’re also wanting to ask key 're-set' questions. We want to be bold and courageous as we seek God’s leading and wisdom for our future. As a mission movement we face some big challenges, but there are also exciting opportunities as we continue to take the good news of Jesus to places where the gospel is yet to take root.

We certainly don’t want change for change sake, but we also clearly recognise the need for organisational renewal, while we remain passionately committed to our distinctive missiology.

We want to be open to clarifying and sharpening our compelling vision, our values, our strategic directions and our key priorities for the next five years. We want to ensure we remain dependent on God, innovative in our approaches and strengthening teamwork and collaboration. We want to strengthen our partnerships with churches and key supporters. We want to be open to new approaches as we step forward and participate in God’s transforming work in communities around the world.

I have appreciated conversations with so many of our mission family over recent months – intercultural workers, Board members, partners, pastors, National and State Office team members, Team Leaders and other key stakeholders. I am excited that a common theme in many of these conversations has been the desire to embrace the 're-set' opportunity together.

This is exciting, but it can also be daunting and challenging, and I draw much confidence in knowing the Spirit can and will lead us, as we remain dependent on God.

As vital partners with us, as members of the broad Global Interaction family, we will value your prayers as we move through this 're-set' season.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months about how and where we see God leading us over the next five years.

We’re on this missional journey together. Let’s be open to God’s 're-set' in our personal lives, our ministries, our teams and as a mission movement. We have a great past to celebrate and draw from, we are learning lessons in this unexpected season and we want to be ready for all that God has ahead of us. Thanks for you partnership.

Serving Jesus Together

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