Running Alongside - South East Asia

Wednesday 07 Dec

Mike shares one way he's stepping and engaging with new people.

"A few afternoons every week, after I’ve finished at the Education Foundation, I go jogging at a popular jogging spot here on the island. Hundreds of people come to this spot as the heat of the day dissipates - to exercise, drink coffee together, or just hang out by the water’s edge.

The view of the sunset from this place is often amazing. When I first started running here, people seemed a bit shy to interact with me. Often people are embarrassed that they can’t speak English, so they'd avoid getting into conversations. As time has gone on, however, I have started several friendships with people at this jogging spot.

One of these people is Evan. One day as I was running, Evan ran up beside me and we started chatting. Since then, we have become friends and I have attended a few important cultural events at his family's home. Evan is a 'cousin', but he has shared with me that he doesn’t consider himself a religious person. 

Pray for Evan and other friends like him. Ask that I would have opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with them. Ask for wisdom and boldness as I do this.

Also, pray for good ‘life rhythms’ in 2023. My daily, weekly and monthly activities help me to be sustainable long-term. As I plan for 2023, please ask that I would find helpful rhythms so I can stay here for as long as God requires." - Mike, intercultural team member in South East Asia « Back to News