Searching for Meaning - Central Asia

Wednesday 16 Aug

Kevin journeys with an H friend.  

Kevin reconnected with an H friend who he had known as a student. When Kevin first met him, the H man was going through a challenging time related to his studies. Kevin encouraged him that he didn’t need to take on life’s worries by himself as God cares and wants to journey with us through our difficulties. 

Kevin’s friend recently made contact with Kevin to meet up again. Though he had now graduated and received a good job, it soon became clear to Kevin that everything was not well for his friend. His friend opened up about his concerns and the challenges he was facing. After listening, Kevin had the opportunity to pray with him, asking God for a solution.

Pray with Kevin for this young H man to not only find a solution, but more importantly, to encounter Jesus as the one who can give true meaning to his life.     

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