Pursuing Shalom

Wednesday 26 Aug

What does it look like to seek Shalom?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pondering the beautiful word ‘shalom’. It’s been very encouraging to read, write and speak about shalom – but most importantly to be challenged afresh as to how I practically pursue shalom daily as a follower of Jesus.

A few weeks back our VIC/TAS State Director Geoff Maddock posted about shalom, quoting Dutch theologian Johannes Hoekendijk and his challenging concept of what does it mean for us to ‘shalomatise’ our lives and world.

What a great thought! I’ve been seeking to unpack what does ‘shalomatising’ look like for me in my day-to-day living, priorities and practises.

When we see the word shalom today, we often, quickly think of it as ‘peace’. But  
shalom is not merely the absence of conflict; it actually encapsulates wholeness, reconciliation, safety, security, welfare, joy, peace and so much more! 

Cornelius Platinga writes: “Shalom in its fullest sense is the webbing together of God, humanity and all creation in justice, fulfillment and delight. We call it peace, but in the Bible shalom is so much more – it is people being right with God, right with each other, right with self, experiencing wholeness, flourishing and joy. It is the way things ought to be!”

Grab hold of that last statement. It is the way things ought to be!

We live in a beautiful, but broken world. We experience the Kingdom now and not yet. We celebrate God at work restoring a broken humanity and world. And we’re graciously invited to join God in His mission; we’re privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our teams in Africa, Asia and Outback Australia flesh out shalom each day – they’re committed to living as good neighbours, modelling the love of God and bringing the Good News of Jesus to people around them by word and deed.

And as they do that, with our support, they’re also pursuing justice – because shalom and justice go hand in hand.

In Psalm 85:10 we read, “Justice and shalom embrace and kiss”.

The reality is that 40% of the world’s population are still to hear about Jesus in a way that makes sense to them in their culture. And yet it’s estimated that less than 2% of the church’s global resources support God’s mission in these places. 

At Global Interaction we say that’s not right – that’s not fair! 

With the help of our dedicated and passionate partners we’re committed to playing our part. We seek to address this injustice as we take the hope of Jesus to places where the Gospel is yet to take root, with the vision of seeing flourishing faith communities, where people are following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.

As we partner together we’re joining in God’s ‘shalomatising’ of the world! 

Over the past few weeks, thanks to Geoff’s post, I have been asking myself where do I see opportunities to join with God in ‘shalomatising’ – within my family, my neighbourhood, my city and world? How can I live, express and pursue shalom each day in practical, meaningful ways?

To seek shalom is to enter into a broken world with the hope, grace, peace and love of Jesus. To seek shalom is not only say “that’s not right” or “that’s not fair”, but it’s to go the next step and seek to do something practical in addressing injustice the name of Jesus.

To seek shalom is to do justice! 

That’s our invitation. That’s our challenge. Let’s be committed to do this together. 

Serving Jesus Together
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