Sharing Stories - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 18 Jul

A shared meal with K friends leads to storytelling.

From team member Eliza:
I attended my neighbour’s birthday. She had prepared a celebratory ‘bish barmak’, noodles and meat served with tea with great chunks of floating cream… yes, I did enjoy the company! We talked about past prophets of this region whose power people still call on today for healing. The conversation prompted the friend to ask what religion I am. My neighbour quickly responded on my behalf, stating, “She follows Jesus.” Woohoo I thought, there’s a win!

The conversation went on and led to a discussion about Noah. Curiously, the friend knew the story and together we shared the story with my neighbour. This whole experience encouraged me and I am so inspired to continue in my language learning, to share more stories in the heart language of new friends… Connecting with people, in their heart language and learning to share culturally appropriate stories are the first steps to sharing Jesus. « Back to News