Trust - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 13 Nov

Trust opens the opportunity for a meaningful conversation. 

Eliza writes about the recent opportunity she had to share with a K friend going through a challenging time.

“I had a special opportunity to share with our dear friend Ms A last week. Her family situation is particularly difficult at the moment and she invited me in to share those secrets with someone she trusted would not tell anyone. Ms A is a tad unique in this culture, in that she speaks very plainly and doesn't leave you guessing. So, in the moment, I decided to speak plainly in return, sharing with Ms A that we have a special peace in our hearts that only comes from having a relationship with Jesus. Ms A replied that her sister-in-law prays regularly in the way of another faith and has shared about the peace that comes with spending time with God. So she was aware of that idea, but she wasn't ready to chat with me at the time. 

Please thank God for Ms A and the dear friend she has been to our family. Thank God also for that special conversation, and ask that He would continue to soften Ms A’s heart towards Jesus.” « Back to News