Wednesday 01 Oct

FIFA World Cup fever comes to town and inspires a community sports festival.

The team in the Silk Road Area live in a small rural village where a number of the young adults have issues with binge drinking, fighting and promiscuity. They are sceptical of foreigners so the team have been working hard at creating opportunities for connection. The young men love soccer so Intercultural Worker Daniel had the idea to use the excitement of the FIFA 2014 World Cup and the passion that locals have for the sport to run a tournament. He met up with some local followers of Jesus and the team planned a sports festival that would reach the community. The local authorities gave their permission and helped put together a fantastic event which was attended by 300 people!

The team knows that sport can reach out to these young people in friendship but also promote good health, positive behaviour, unity and community. Pray that their lives and words would reflect Christ, deeper friendships would be formed and lives of the K people would be changed.

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