So Much to Celebrate - Mozambique

Wednesday 05 Dec

A newborn and a new life in Jesus.

The team in Massangulo, Mozambique has been walking alongside Mr Ju and Mrs Ti in the joys, challenges heartaches of life. Infant mortality is very high in Mozambique and last year Mrs Ti lost her baby after a traumatic and extended birth. This year, she fell pregnant again and was terrified about what the outcome could be. Recently the team celebrated with Mr Ju and Mrs Ti the safe arrival of a healthy baby boy. This is an answer to prayer and the team is so grateful to God.

When team members Scott and Bek visited the family, they were very encouraged to hear Mr Ju give God the credit for the safe birth of his child. They were also touched when he prayed for the safe arrival of their own baby, due in the following months. Scott and Bek are currently in Australia for Home Assignment and have heard the wonderful news that Mr Ju has expressed faith in Jesus and is keen to share this with others. Praise God! Pray that God will continue to be revealed in deeper ways to Mr Ju and his family. « Back to News