Stepping Out (Here) - South Australia

Wednesday 24 Nov

Suzanne shares the realisation that prompted her to act.

Suzanne is an amazing young woman who was recently accepted as a candidate with Global Interaction. She's preparing to join the team in the Silk Road Area. However, before she gets there, she is already doing what God has laid on her heart... to reach out and share His love with those around her. Here she shares how she is actively seeking spaces where she will engage with people who are yet to hear the good news of Jesus. It's easy to stay within our comfortable bubble with other followers of Jesus, but Suzanne's challenges to us is to step out (right where we are). 

"At the start of this year, I had the realisation that I had cultivated a small and sheltered circle of friends mostly from my work and church. Part of my reason for moving to Port Pirie was to engage in a thriving, diverse, regional community! What had happened? I had grown complacent and comfortable.

Time to change that.

I auditioned with my local theatre group for a production of Wicked, a tale of prejudice and injustice and people learning to stand up against both. I made more and better friendships than I could have anticipated as we were challenged outside our comfort zones, disappointed by lockdowns that delayed shows, and elated by achieving past what we thought was possible when we finally were able to perform.

It’s my hope that through these new friendships, I can share more of life and God’s love with the people I met."

Pray for these friendships, and Suzanne as she prepares to serve in the Silk Road Area.

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