Transformation - South East Asia

Wednesday 02 Feb

Dave and Caz share stories of God at work.

Recently the leadership of the education and creation care initiatives in South East Asia gathered together to report on the past year's activities. There was a lot to be thankful for as they shared how despite the challenges of the pandemic, the impact and reach of both initiatives had grown in 2021. Thank you to all the churches and individuals who faithfully partner with these projects!

Dave and Caz write, "There were also tears shed during the board meeting as we heard stories of transformed lives and people being impacted by the good news of Jesus. Our local staff are extremely dedicated, and it’s wonderful to see them develop as servant leaders for the Kingdom.

God continues to bless us with new local workers. Just recently one of our new local contacts who came to faith from the majority religious community baptised a young man he led to faith – who is also from the majority community. Despite many challenges and much opposition, the Kingdom continues to grow!"

Caz also shared another story of transformation, "When I first met my friend Nora, she was shy. Her mother and son both experienced strange evil attacks, so she sought help from the traditional healer. As we got to know each other, I told Nora stories of God’s work in my life and shared stories from the Bible. The suffering that Jesus endured leading to His sacrifice on the cross impacted her deeply, and she gave her allegiance to him. 

Now she goes to Jesus for power over evil spirits. She’s following principles in God’s Word. ‘Shy’ Nora, is now boldly sharing her faith with her husband and others."

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