Sowing Seeds - Cambodia

Wednesday 06 Jun

Preparing soil and sharing Good News.

As part of his community involvement, Rob has begun volunteering at a local primary school to develop a vegetable garden and the children’s understanding of nutrition and food production. This voluntary work is part of the requirements of his visa, but more importantly it is a platform for him to be connecting with the community. The Khmer word ‘nain’ refers to hard, compacted and difficult to work with soil. Rob thinks he has found the most ‘nain’ soil in Cambodia, at the front of the school where they are setting up the garden.

This process has caused Rod to reflect on the parable of the sower. The school has some rocky ground, some nasty weeds to compete with, but at the moment the ‘good soil’ is more like the path that was trampled on where the birds ate the seed. He was reminded recently that the parable is an encouragement to faithfully keep doing his part of sowing seeds and preparing good soil.

Pray that as Rob builds relationships within the community, through this and other involvement, he will sow seeds of faith over time and many will come to receive the truth of Jesus.  

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