Testimonies of God's Goodness - Malawi

Wednesday 31 May

Yawo believers share their experiences of God's power in their lives.

Intercultural Worker Tim, along with a Yawo believer Waindi, recently visited a village group of believers. While there, a woman asked if we could pray for her sick friend who after visiting the hospital and local witchdoctor, had not improved. Waindi boldly asked her, “Why have you come here today?” Her answer was equally forceful. “I have heard God does miracles in this group!” Waindi explained to the woman how God gave power to Jesus, and through Him, we may have life. He also asked others who were listening to share how Jesus has helped them. In their gentle yet powerful way, about seven people offered testimonies of the power of God in their lives. Yawo people are from an oral society so they are master storytellers!

For the next 45 minutes, they heard story after story of God’s goodness. Real life testimonies of sicknesses healed, relationships restored, evil spirits cast out and renewed peace - the peace that transcends understanding. If that wasn’t amazing enough, the group leader then expressed that he thought a few of them could visit the surrounding four villages and share some of these stories. He said, “God hasn’t given us these stories just for ourselves. They need to be told!”

Praise God for the growing group of believers and the way they are recognising God's power in their lives. Pray for God to be revealing Himself to them and strengthening their faith as they seek to share what they believe with Yawo people in surrounding villages.  « Back to News