Strategic Conversations

Wednesday 17 Jun

Scott shares about how we're discerning God's leading together. 

This week we begin strategic conversations across our mission community and we will value your prayers as we seek the Spirit’s leading for Global Interaction’s future priorities and directions.

We look back and celebrate a rich mission story. We value our strengths. We don’t shy away from areas in our organisation that need attention and improvement. And we look ahead with faith and vision.

As followers of Jesus and participants in God’s mission we see this strategic process as a deeply spiritual activity. We recognise our dependence on God, we see his faithfulness in leading us in the past and present and we look to the Spirit to reveal God’s preferred future for us as mission people.

Over the next two months we will share in conversations with representatives from across our organisation and movement as we shape key priorities for the next five years. Much discussion and discernment has already taken place and I’m thankful for every voice that has spoken into the process.

We have chosen a 'Roadmap' metaphor for this strategic planning journey. Through conversations we will be clarifying our 'destination' [our vision] and how we 'travel together'  [our values] as Kingdom people.

I’m looking forward to the conversations ahead and please be praying for this important process.

We see where we can join with God in places where the Gospel is yet to take root. We see vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways. We see an unfinished story for Global Interaction and we all have a part to play. Partnership and teamwork are vital in how we travel.
Thank you for being on the journey. Your partnership is so appreciated.

Serving Jesus Together

Scott Pilgrim
Executive Director
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