Wednesday 09 Nov

Paul recently had an amazing experience while visiting friends.

Paul travels to villages to spend time with young Thai men who he first shared the Gospel with when they were studying to be monks. Recently he met with Mr T for a time of prayer, praise and Scriptural reflection. They talked about the blessings and challenges that Mr T had experienced as a faithful witness in his community. 

When Paul drove away from Mr T home he took a few wrong turns. Pulling over at a general store, he stopped to ask directions. When a couple and their baby pulled up on their motorbike, Paul heard a familiar voice call out and looked around to see it was Mr W! Mr W was an ex-monk friend who, several years earlier in Chiang Mai, had occasionally listened in on Paul’s discipleship conversations with other monks. Amazed at the encounter, Paul told Mr W that he had been to the village to visit Mr T.  Mr W replied that he had just moved into a nearby community with his young family. After getting their photo together, Mr W asked Paul to put him in touch with Mr T so he could hear more about the Living God, the God of coincidences! « Back to News