Tell us a Story - Mozambique

Wednesday 15 Aug

Bek is present and willing to be used to by God. 

Team member Bek regularly spends time in a nearby village where she is developing friendships. Each time she sits with a group Yawo women and they ask her, “Do you have a story for us?” It’s a privilege for Bek to sit with them and over the past year, she has told various stories from the Bible. She is present and keen to share stories, however sometimes her Ciyawo has limited her or the meaning has been culturally lost. This isn’t a large group of women, but Bek keeps visiting them and they keep asking her for more stories.

Recently a family member of one these women died and Bek was invited to attend the funeral. Sitting with a group of women afterwards, Bek’s friend introduced her to the others, “This is Rebekah. She’s part of our family. She comes to visit and tells stories.” Bek, aware of her language and culture limitations, was incredibly humbled by this introduction. Pray that as she continues to be present and willing to be used by God here, He will work in the lives of these women. « Back to News