The Grace of Giving - South East Asia

Tuesday 04 Aug

Dave and Caz share an exciting story of taking opportunities and witnessing multiplication.

"Mrs S is a young lady from the majority faith background here who works as a teacher at the Education Foundation. A western family she teaches recently sent a food package to her house using a motorbike taxi. The delivery man couldn’t find Mrs S’ home despite getting directions from her via her phone. Mrs S called her supervisor, Mrs N, who is a new believer to ask her advice. Mrs N suggested they pray together in the name of the Living One.

After praying they both felt Mrs S should just offer the food to the delivery man. When Mrs S called the man to tell him this he broke down crying. He explained that he has a wife and three small children and no food in the house. Mrs S subsequently sent them money to buy more food. And the family sent another food package to Mrs S... that arrived with no trouble.

That kind of story has been repeated over and over here among our staff in the past few months. One of our key values is focussing on the needs of others, and our staff are learning to apply this practically during this challenging time. They are learning that giving in faith is more meaningful when you don’t have much yourself. They are experiencing the incredible joy that comes from giving. And they are reflecting on the generosity of God, who gave Himself for them.

Mrs S comes from an extremely orthodox family with no known believers. She continues to learn more about the Living One from Mrs N and is now praying in His name. Mrs N came to faith through Widya, another of our staff (and now a Global  Interaction candidate). Mrs N plans to get baptised soon and is praying her husband will join her – he has just believed. Pray for generations of believers to multiply."
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