The Hands of Ordinary People

Wednesday 09 Dec

Scott reflects on Romans 16 and how God places His mission in the hands of ordinary people.

As Paul concludes his letter to the faith community in Rome he celebrates partnership in the Gospel. In Romans 16:1-16 he lists 27 names and celebrates the mission of God in the hands of ordinary people!
I have been digging into this passage this year, looking into some of the stories behind the names listed in the passage. It’s been good to keep coming back to the passage and seeing something fresh.
Romans 16 is somewhat of a ‘PS’ to Paul’s lofty letter, but I am so glad we get to read it. I’ve reflected on the passage in a short video, as we say thank you to all of you who partner with us at Global Interaction:


If you cannot see this video, click here to view it on Vimeo >> 

As you read Romans 16, the power of partnership is front and centre. It’s a strong endorsement of our need for each other in Christian community. It highlights our togetherness as we participate in God’s mission. And it’s great to see afresh how God uses uniquely gifted individuals – in different ways – to fulfill his Kingdom purposes.
We also see in this passage the depth of relationship that Paul has with his ‘Good News friends’. They are ‘dear friends’, ‘brothers and sisters’, united in ‘Christian love’ and ‘co-workers’ in their shared missional calling.
We’re a ‘Good News community’ at Global Interaction. We’re privileged to all play a part in our shared work around the world.
Let me encourage you, find the time this week to read the passage yourself and see what stands out for you. I’m so thankful for the privilege that God entrust his mission into the hands of ordinary people like me – and that I get to serve with so many wonderful people who make up the Global Interaction mission community.
Grace and peace


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