The Way of Grace - South Asia

Wednesday 14 Jun

A B woman's eyes are opened to the way of grace because of her husband's faith.

Joe came to faith a few years ago and was active in telling others of his new faith in Jesus. However, his wife remained aligned to her Muslim beliefs. They have a great relationship and love one another but their faith differences were becoming a concern. She thought that he was on the road to punishment and he wanted her to experience God’s grace and forgiveness. So they reached an impasse. 

She said to him, “I can’t bear the thought of us being separated in eternity.” He said to her, “If you are right, I will be in Hell and you in Heaven and if I am right then vice versa.” They discussed the basis on which they believed one goes to Heaven. He said, “By God’s grace shown through the death and resurrection of Jesus.” She said, “By keeping the rules of Islam.” He asked her, “Are you keeping fully the rules of the religion?” After a few days, she said to him, “I realise that I do not keep all the rules of religion and you say that it is by grace. I don’t want to be separated from you in life or death, so tell me the way of grace.” « Back to News