This is Where I have Called You - Cambodia

Wednesday 05 Sep

New team member Megan shares a powerful story.

After five years of preparation, we celebrate that Tristan and Megan have now joined the team in Cambodia serving among the Khmer. One month in, Megan shares about an important moment in the local market:

Everything is different here... we have come to understand that as we encounter the challenges of adjusting to life in Cambodia, we need to slow down, watch and listen to the rhythms around us. God has placed us in a new environment full of community and cultural differences. When I cycle down to the local market I am conscious of the fact that I am different from the people I share the market with. 

Feeling alone last week I decided to get out of the house and go to the market. As I was moving through the crowds of people buying and selling their goods, I started to wonder which women I would develop deeper relationships with. I wondered what my veggie seller’s family story was… Does she have children? Where did she grow up? What does she enjoy doing? When I started riding home, I felt the Lord whisper to me, "These are the people I have called you to live among and this is exactly where I want you to be." A huge amount of peace overcame me in that moment and I can be confident that as I continue to faithfully follow His leading, I will start to see opportunities unfold with people of peace. « Back to News