Time to Talk - Cambodia

Tuesday 02 Jun

A Khmer couple have space to share more deeply in the current season.

Catherine is noticing that the slowness and quietness of the current season is opening opportunities for conversations about deeper aspects of life with her Khmer friends. Recently she sat with a couple who asked her whether she was a follower of Jesus. The wife shared memories of having heard about Jesus as a child, and again more recently from a family member who is experiencing a depth of peace that they had not experienced before.

This couple are concerned about their teenage children, worried about work, have many questions of the future and are yearning for peace. They have asked to meet with Catherine again and explained that they had wanted to ask previously but had felt too busy for deeper conversations.

Praise God for the openness and boldness of the Khmer couple in seeking Jesus and pray they experience His peace. Pray also for Catherine as she continues to share the Good News with her Khmer friends and that this season would cause more Khmer people to be open to hearing about Jesus and the hope and peace He brings. « Back to News