Training Leaders - Outback Australia

Wednesday 03 Aug

Bush Training Camps are back on! 

Team Leader Vivian writes, "Praise God that for the first time in around seven years a combined Bush Training Camp was recently held. Approximately 35 believers and church leaders gathered for the training, along with our full team.

The theme of the teaching was 'Creation and Reconciliation', with these themes being explored through interaction with Bible passages in Genesis, 2 Corinthians, Galatians and Colossians via oral teaching with iconography, intense discussion, a purlapa (corroboree) on the final night, and long one-on-one conversations. 

It was a rich time of meals around smoking fires, camping out under the stars, intercultural learning, deep consideration in informal small group conversations, singing accompanied by guitars, and free time bush tucker gathering and hunting.

This was a worthwhile, and at times deeply moving camp (though not without challenges) that 
First Nations leaders and the Baptist Mission Australia team agreed would be picked up again in 2023, possibly in two different locations at two separate times. Thank you for your partnership in enabling these camps to happen."

Shannon and Mat share, "As a team we firmly believe that there are others who may be able to join this team in a full-time on field capacity. We are now praying for someone to be based in Yuendumu and involved with the southern communities. Please consider getting in touch with the team or Baptist Mission Australia if you're interested in exploring the possibility of filling this role."

Beth and Danny write, "Praise God for the relaunch of the Bush Training Camps, growing relationships and momentum for our team alongside the Indigenous communities. Pray with us for more full-time people to join the Outback team, especially in Yuendumu." « Back to News