What do you do? - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 16 May

Ben and Petra respond to a common question. 

For Ben and Petra, whether in conversation with people in Australia or on the Silk Road, the most common question they get asked is, “What do you do?”

For their friends on the Silk Road, the question stems from trying to understand why an Australian family from the tropics would decide to live in a rural town on the Silk Road. For their friends in Australia, the question arises from trying to understand what it means to be an intercultural worker. In some ways the answer is simple. For Ben, he is a teacher, Petra is an Occupational Therapist, they’re parents and their boys are school students. Whether in Australia or on the Silk Road, in one way… this is what they do. 

However, they also follow Jesus which means that whatever they are doing, they are doing in light of their relationship with Him and as living demonstrations of the Kingdom of God. In everything they do, they are seeking to communicate through their actions that they are followers of Jesus. Slowly, Ben and Petra are growing in their local language skills and cultural understanding, and as they do, they are growing in their ability to demonstrate their faith in Jesus through their actions and their words. 

Pray that over time, the Holy Spirit will grow in them the patience and energy to learn the local language and the cultural understanding to communicate Jesus with their K friends in a way that makes sense to them. Pray that many will come to know Jesus and follow Him. 

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