Wholistic Projects - South Asia

Wednesday 01 Mar

In South Asia, much of our work is in partnership with an NGO. 

Phil visits projects run by our partner NGO in South Asia, working to ensure their efficiency as well as encouraging the workers involved. These projects educate, upskill and empower B people to improve their quality of life. They also continue to be a great way for Phil and the team to build relationships and share the message of Jesus. 

Recently the team and NGO staff met for their annual celebration. This was an opportunity for them to catch up, get to know each other better, participate in songs, dramas and dances as well as spend time learning from the Bible.

Praise God for the completion of the Bible in the B language so that the people can read about Jesus in their heart language. Pray for God’s leading for Phil as he works alongside the project staff.  « Back to News