Approx 10 min

There is power in praying over a whole congregation in preparation for how God will use them in mission. Take a moment in your service to pray a commission prayer in anticipation of God moving people to mission amongst the least-reached people groups.

This is also an opportunity for those who may feel that God has already called them into global mission to be prayed for as they explore what it might mean to ‘go’.


  1. Introduce this time by explaining (through a study, discussion or sermon) that mission is the mandate of all believers and that every follower of Jesus is called to represent him and share his message. This mission is to happen in our own community, country and across the world.
  2. Ask the group to prayerfully reflect on the prayer, and stand as it is prayed.


Lord, we know that you call each of us out.

Out from ourselves into a world that is longing for your grace, love and truth.

In our community, are people who need to experience your grace.

In our nation, are people who need to experience your love.

In our world, are people who need to experience your truth.

We are your people Lord and you have called each of us out,

To be the visible You in this world

As you work in the hearts and lives of all people and nations.

Bless us Lord as we go,

As we go into our community, our nation and world.

Let us not ignore your call, but rather plant it deep into our being.