Approx 10 Minutes

We can help others by being the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus.
When Jesus was on this earth He served the poor, healed the sick, prayed for others and told everyone about God. At Baptist Mission Australia, we send out workers to be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus so everyone can know about Him in ways that make sense to them.
Resources needed:
  • A4 Paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Blu-tack 
Hands of Jesus (Older children):
  1. Select a country that Baptist Mission Australia sends workers to. You can choose your country here: [Baptist Mission Australia People Groups]
  2. As a family or group, discuss what you have discovered about these people and the intercultural workers who live in that country.
  3. Using an A4 piece of paper, guide children to trace their hand onto the paper. On the palm, write the name of the country you have discovered. On each finger, write the name of an intercultural worker - or their children - that you can pray for. Colour and decorate the hand as time permits.
  4. Once the hands are finished, pray together that God would help the people in those countries and give strength to intercultural workers who are sharing the good news of Jesus.
  5. Cut out and stick the hand in a prominent location as a reminder to pray daily for countries around the world.
Feet of Jesus (Younger children):
  1. Instruct children to place their foot onto an A4 piece of paper and gently trace around it three times to create three separate footprints to cut out.
  2. On each foot, guide children to draw what they can do to ‘follow Jesus’. Possible examples include a toy (sharing their things), an ear (obeying mum and dad) or a mouth (telling others about Jesus).
  3. Using age-appropriate language, explain that intercultural workers are following Jesus by travelling across the world to tell people about Him.
  4. Pray together that God would help us to follow Jesus by doing what is drawn on their feet and help intercultural workers share the good news of Jesus.
  5. Stick the feet in a prominent location as a reminder that we can ‘follow Jesus’ every day.