Approx 5 minutes

Over the Just Prayer weekend use these everyday events to remind you to pray for the particular people groups.
  • The main trade for the Yawo people is fishing. As you eat Fish (or meat) this weekend pray that just as Christ called the first disciples to leave their nets and follow Him, the Yawo would hear and respond to the call of Jesus and become fishers of men in their community.
  • Music has been integral to the culture of the K people for centuries. When you hear music join us in praying that the K people will have the opportunities to learn about the nature of God and respond in musical worship of Him.
  • Many H people in the rural areas are merchants and those in the larger towns find employment in shops. Every time you buy something during Just Prayer take a moment to pray that our intercultural workers are able to explain to their H friends that they can have a relationship with God as Jesus has paid the ultimate price.
  • Living on an income below the poverty line means that illness and poverty is widespread among the B people. As you take medicine (or other health supplements) pray that our team in South Asia can help equip the B people to earn a sustainable living and that they will experience the healing power of Jesus.
  • Many different exotic fruits are grown in Thailand. The Ethnic Thai people eat fruit with most meals and it is available on every street. When you eat fruit (or sweet food) be reminded to pray that the local followers of Jesus will grow strong in faith and become faithful witnesses in their villages.
  • Cambodia is a young nation with two thirds of the Khmer people being under 25 years old. As you exercise this weekend, pray that our team will find creative, fun and engaging ways to share the Good News of Jesus with the young people.
  • The main source of income for the R.I people is farming and one of the predominant crops is coffee. Every time you catch up with friends over a coffee (or hot drink) pray for opportunities for our team to share the message of Jesus with their local friends.
  • The S.I people are mainly rice farmers and like to say, “If you haven’t eaten rice then you haven’t eaten.” As you eat rice (or potato/pasta/bread) pray that the IS people will come to know God as their provider and sustainer.
  • Living on an island, many B.I people are fisherman or boat builders. When you travel in your car (or public transport) take time to pray there will be a deepening of relationships with our intercultural workers that will lead the IB people to journey through life with God.