Approx 30 minutes

God is a God of abundance. He is generous with us and calls us to be generous towards Him and His mission. 

A full table represents welcome, hospitality, thanksgiving, family, unity, provision and so much more. This tactile method of prayer engages all the senses and reflects God’s generosity, provision, sovereignty and abundance.

Resources Needed
  • An empty table ready to be creatively covered by the group
  • A wide variety of items to cover the table with the five senses in mind (e.g. flowers, plants, leaves, soil, candles, clay, nuts, spices, rocks, pebbles, rice, cultural music or sounds, instruments etc)
  • Prayer material related to ministry among the least-reached (e.g. intercultural worker newsletters, people group prayer needs etc)
  1. Gather around the empty table with the items placed to the side on the floor or another table
  2. Led by a facilitator, explore words and emotions associated with a full table
  3. Provide participants with prayer material and invite them to begin to place items on the empty table while they pray
  4. Continue to fill the table as a reflection of God’s abundance and a prayer for an abundant harvest among the least-reached
  5. Reflect on the experience as a group