Approx 30 min

God has stated that he will gather those who are His. We can play an active role in this by quietly and loudly praying for those who are still to find life through Jesus.

Resources needed

  • Large world map
  • Tea light candles and paper bags
  • Handouts with information, stories and facts about least-reached people groups 


  1. Place the map in the centre of the room
  2. Read through excerpts or all of Psalm 107, Isaiah 43 and Revelation 7 – describing how God plans to gather his people from all nations in the north, the south, the east and the west.
  3. QUIETLY: Allow time for people to read through the stories and facts about least-reached people groups and to place them around the map. You may wish to play some quiet music in the background. Encourage people to light a candle and pray for a particular people group as they place the candle on the region where these people live.
  4. LOUDLY: In many cultures, a common way of praying is for everyone to loudly, speaking their prayers at the same time. Have people stand – some facing the north, some the south, some east and some west. Encourage everyone to, at the same time, loudly pray for all people's hearts to be opened to Jesus.