Approx 1 Hour

Food is unique to each culture. How they prepare and cook it, the flavours and tastes. 

We invite you to make a recipe from a least-reached people group to share with your family, church or small group. Pray for the people group represented by the dish and learn about the people and their culture whilst you eat together.

Resources needed:


  1. Select a people group recipe from our Global Entertaining cook book (links below) or from your own research.
  2. Purchase all the ingredients needed. Prepare and cook your chosen dish.
  3. Arrange a time for your small group to meet together and bring along your dish to share. Perhaps create a label with the name of the recipe and country of origin.
  4. Read aloud the facts and stats about the particular least-reached people group represented by each dish.
  5. Pray together as group over each dish. Pray for justice for that people group. Think about their culture and the context in which they will hear about Jesus.
  6. Serve the dishes and enjoy your cultural diverse meal together.