Approx 15 min

Murals can be seen all over within our society, whether great works of art or illegal graffiti sprawled on a wall – people’s self-expression is everywhere. Use this prayer activity to allow your group or community to express what is on their hearts as they respond to the call of prayer for least-reached people groups.

Resources needed


  1. Tape the pieces of butchers paper together to create a large canvas and attach to a wall.
  2. Using the prayer points and information on least-reached people groups write a number of prayer points or facts about the specific people group your community will be focusing on. You may even want to print off some images and stick them onto the mural wall. You can also print photos of Baptist Mission Australia workers from the website, or cut up a few old Baptist Mission Australia Guide magazines.
  3. Ask participants to spend time taking in the images, facts and prayer points before writing their own responses and prayers on the wall. People may want to use words or draw a picture that symbolises their prayer for the least-reached people.