Approx 5 - 20 min

In many faith traditions, prayer beads are used as a tactile tool for prayer. Wearing the beads reminds people to pray regularly for a particular issue.

Resources needed:

  • Prayer points and information on least-reached people groups (
  • String to thread beads
  • Nine different coloured beads to represent the nine least-reached people groups. Enough sets for everyone to make their own.

Provide each person with a piece of string and nine beads. Explain that each of these beads represent one of the least-reached people groups with which Baptist Mission Australia works. Use the prayer points and information (or show the Just Prayer PowerPoint) about least-reached people groups.

Together, take a bead and spend time praying for one people group and thread the bead onto the string. Continue until all nine beads have been added and each people group has been prayed for. Tie the string of beads to your key-ring or other prominent place or wear it around your wrist and commit to pray that these least-reached people groups will hear the message of Jesus.