Approx 10 minutes

Use these suggested positions from around the world. Try using different posture when praying for the least-reached people groups during Just Prayer weekend.



  • Pray as the Yawo people pray
  • Pray in confidence rejoicing and praising God with eyes open, looking up and hands uplifted towards heaven. 
  • Praise God for the new believers and for courage as they share their faith with their friends and family. 


  • Pray as Ethnic Thai, Khmer and K people pray
  • Pray on your knees looking down with eyes averted or closed and hands folded in petition and recognition of God.
  • Pray that the least-reached people groups will have hearts open and ready to accept God’s love.
  • Pray like the B and H people
  • Pray sitting down on the floor with legs crossed or sitting in a chair with eyes closed seeking instructions from God.
  • Pray for Baptist Mission Australia intercultural workers to be attentive to Gods leading as they serve.
  • Pray as the B.I, R.I and S.I pray
  • Pray lying on your belly and looking down with eyes in humility to God and for prayers of desperation. 
  • Pray that Christian workers and resources will be shared with those who have never heard the gospel.