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The Kalkarindji Baptist Church buses and trailers have ongoing maintenance issues making them unsafe for travelling distances or in rough conditions. The closest mechanic is 500km away and there’s no affordable way to safely transport the vehicles there. The time and the cost of the repairs is too high – if that remote mechanic even has the parts to fix them. However, these are valuable assets of the church.
An interstate mechanic and auto electrician has generously reached out offering to help in any way he is able. This generous offer came at the right time while Mat was discerning what the way forward is with these vehicles.
While the work will be carried out with no labour costs, would you join us in covering the travel and repair parts for this mechanic and the vehicles he’ll work on?
Costs include:
  • Road travel and accommodation from Victoria to Kalkarindji and return (over 2,000km each way)
  • Mechanical parts
  • Nine bus tyres and tubes
  • Four tandem trailer tyres
  • Registration, taxes… 
Your support of this project will help ensure Kalkarindji Baptist Church can once again safely and reliably use their buses and trailers again for all church ministry.
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