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Vivian's Story

Vivian serves as Baptist Mission Australia's Team Leader for the team in Outback Australia. His background is in teaching (secondary), and pastoral ministry, first as a local church pastor for 26 years, then in a denominational leadership role for nearly 13. Although most of his pastoral life has seen him engaged with urban and western-based ministry settings, from early on in his Christian experience he felt convicted to share the Gospel beyond his own cultural boundaries.

Vivian is gifted in mentoring, equipping, strategic planning, team dynamics, pastoral care and theological reflection. He will remain based in NSW and offer leadership, pastoral care and strategic planning to the team through regular visits and video conferences.  

Vivian's role in Outback Australia is in partnership with Australian Baptist Ministries and the Baptist Union of Northern Territory. He will spend time with Indigenous Baptist Churches and leaders, establishing and actioning plans for leadership development and theological reflection.   

Donations to this intercultural team member are not NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • For Vivian to experience God's presence and guidance as he leads the team in Outback Australia.
  • For Indigenous leaders to be built up and equipped to lead their own people.