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Rours and Reaksmey's Story

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Rours and Reaksmey are preparing to join the team in Cambodia to serve among the Khmer people. 

Rours grew up in a Buddhist home, but after coming to faith and experiencing the transforming power of Jesus, he found forgiveness and developed a relationship with God. Both Rours and Reaksmey have a heart to share the good news of Jesus with the Khmer, where 95% of the population are Buddhist. 

Reaksmey graduated in Public Health. She is a Registered Nurse and has experience in leadership and management, having worked in both aged care and palliative care. Rours graduated with a Bachelor of Theology and has worked as a gold smith, subcontractor and has an aged care certificate. 

They are excited to minister wholistically in the villages in the North West region of Cambodia, through establishing faith communities and training the local faith community leaders, as well as offering literacy training, health education and medical assistance. 

They are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with others through their actions and words. Their hope is to see many Khmer following Jesus in their own distinctive ways. Thank you for your prayerful and financial partnership.

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Prayer Points

  • Ask God to provide Rours and Reaksmey with a faithful partnership team who will support them prayerfully and financially
  • Pray that the Baptist Mission Australia team working in Cambodia will find ways to empower the Khmer to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus

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