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David and Susie's Story

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In 2021, David and Susie, along with their two children, moved to Malawi and have since been serving among the Yawo. They are committed to staying long-term, and have been learning the Yawo culture and language so that they can journey authentically with Yawo people who are following or seeking to follow Jesus. 

David helps facilitate the delivery of a certificate-level Biblical Studies course for the leaders among the local Yawo faith groups. The course is mainly in Ciyawo, the leaders’ heart language. David is passionate about this program and is praying for the Yawo leaders to be transformed by God’s Word and to share the good news of Jesus to their Yawo friends. 

They enjoy visiting, encouraging and faith sharing with their Yawo friends and community. They often pray with people during life’s struggles and as needs arise. They are also looking into how they can best use their skills to empower youth and adults in the rural town they live in to develop sustainable income generating skills. 

Your partnership with David and Susie means they can continue serving God in Malawi. Thank you for your faithful prayers, sacrificial giving and active encouragement.

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Prayer Points

  • That God will empower, equip and sustain David, Susie as they serve in Malawi.
  • For God’s blessing on those who partner with the Yawo team’s ministry; that they will know the joy that He gives as they sow prayerfully and financially. 

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